Trump is back on the Stump

Former US President Donald Trump has announced that he is back on the stump and he is running in the next US Presidential election.

After asserting, with good reason, that his last Presidential election bid was stolen from him, Trump has watched the car-crash presidency of Joe Biden. He has now announced a new bid for the US Presidency.

2016 US Presidential election

As the unexpected Republican candidate, Donald Trump defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a remarkable win for an outsider who broke the normal rules for public debate. He galvinised the disenfranchised constituency who could not vote for the status quo and who wanted someone to change the political narrative.

2020 US Presidential election

Trump’s next bid for re-election was stymied by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown with its inevitable economic effects, for which he was unjustifiably blamed. The lockdown was a convenient excuse for reducing Joe Biden’s exposure to public scrutiny during the presidential campaign, so that his mental state was kept hidden from the American public until it was too late. This shows the complicity of the US Democratic Party in countrywide deception and this has continued to the present. Stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop were cancelled as “Russian disinformation” because of the expected adverse effect upon his father’s presidential bid. Trump’s charges of “fake news” have been proven to be true.

Biden had nothing to offer America in 2020 other than that he was not Donald Trump. America discovered too late that Biden was worse. Nevertheless American voting is sufficiently corruptible that it enabled Trump to claim that Biden did not win the election but stole it with fake votes. This case has now been published in a recent book Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024 by Christina Bobb. Bobb was on Donald Trump’s legal team and so she was very close to the action and has produced statistics about the number of dead voters who voted. In a GB News interview she summarised her book as “The Democrats stole the election and the Republicans covered it up.” Steve Bannon wrote the Introduction to her book.

The foisting of Kamala Harris upon the American people as Vice President was the icing on the cake of Biden’s presidential incompetence, which has exposed America to international ridicule. It is humiliating that for one and half hours on 19 Nov 2021 she was the first woman in history to be in charge of the United States when President Biden was undergoing a medical colonoscopy procedure.

After a humiliating Saigon-like withdrawal from Afghanistan, it became apparent that the American military industrial complex was bent upon a new venture in the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war. DonaldTrump is justified in saying that if he had been President instead of Biden, this war would not have happened, avoiding the economic consequences and international inflation of the past year.

Both domestically and in its foreign policy, the US Democrats have shown themselves unable to run a modern democracy, but only to run down America’s economy and its international standing.

2024 US Presidential election

Yet again, as in 2016, Trump comes forward as the radical candidate, needed to sort out the omnishambles that is American politics.

America needs someone like Trump to cut through the political fiasco, the high-level corruption and war-mongering of the current administration, and so it does not matter who will be the Democratic Party candidate.

The Democratic candidate will be irrelevant. Trump’s core vote will hold up and others who have now learned about Hunter Biden’s laptop and US President Biden’s entanglement with it contents, as well as his murky involvement in Ukranain business, will surely be too much even for the Democratic Party to endorse a second run for Biden, whose mental state is causing such alarm that there are questions about his current competence as President, who is sustained in position by the awful alternative of Vice President Kamala Harris taking his place, even temporarily.


2 Feb 2023: Joe Biden’s foresight on World War III! Compare Donald Trump’s plan to ban gender transition.

3 Feb 2023: Jordan Peterson’s vision for future society,and his international consortium to be based in London with the inaugural convention on 31 Oct to 2 Nov 2023 in London, England.

5 thoughts on “Trump is back on the Stump

  1. Alistair

    With respect, I think we need to concentrate on the Scottish situation wiyh has gone insane and threatens our freedom more and more as time goes on.


    1. Donald

      By all means, Alistair. Who are the “we” you mention? I have concentrated on it for several decades. However, many of our social ills have an international origin. What are your solutions?


  2. Laurence Lockhart

    An evidential report. and seems to agree with the opinions of several American folk I know but will Mr Trump not be confronted again by the same flawed voting system ?


    1. Donald

      Possibly Laurence. America is being informed about irregularities and is it possible to reproduce exactly the same irregularities when people are more aware of them? Trump has his own social media and Twitter has changed with Elon Musk. We will see.


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