Following my blog

You can keep up-to-date with my blogposts by clicking here, where each new blogpost is advertised, and bookmarking it to find it easily.

Some blogposts are pinned to the top of my blog as I think these are the most relevant ones to read.

Some people have suggested making a menu of the more interesting blogs in the margin, but many people use mobile phones which do not see the margin. So pinning the more relevant ones to the top of my blogpost is the easiest way to make such a list.

The casual reader may think that there are no new posts. The most recent posts will be pinned for a while. When they are unpinned, they do not disappear but are sorted to the date of their publication, which are positioned below the dozen or more pinned posts.

Different ways to keep up-to-date with this blog

  1. there is a search box in the right-hand margin which will search the whole site and the margin gives guidance how best to use this. Mobile phones do not show the margin but a magnifying glass in mobile phone view at the top of the post does the same thing.
  2. the right-hand margin has a monthly archive and by clicking on the most recent month you will see all blogposts in that month. Mobile phones will show the margin beneath the pinned posts, at the bottom of the page.
  3. the top of the right-hand margin has a link to my twitter account where each new blogpost is advertised and this is the easiest way to keep up-to-date with new blogposts, which are advertised here as soon as they are published. You do not need a twitter account to view my tweets; just make my account one of your favourites and you can keep up. Alternatively, my latest three tweets are in the margin of my blog.
  4. the right-hand margin also has a ‘Follow Donald’s Thoughts’ icon with various ways to follow the blog.
  5. there are tags at the bottom of each post, which can be clicked to open posts with the same tag.
  6. beneath the tags there are links to the previous and next post to allow you to move from post to post.
  7. there are specific search categories at the top of each post, but these do not appear on mobile phones. On desktops, these categories can be clicked to open posts with the same categories.
  8. you can read the Home Page simply by clicking on the picture at the top of any post.
  9. details about My YouTube channel are here.
  10. my twitter account is here.
  11. Happy browsing.

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