Nationalism and patriotism

Patriotism is about people, their heritage and the culture of a nation, whereas nationalism is ultimately about land and borders rather than the people within these borders. This is why nationalistic leaders were happy to needlessly sacrifice the lives of thousands, if not millions, for “the fatherland”. This is not a Christian sentiment. Nationalists like …

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The nature of Christian fellowship

It might surprise you to consider these biblical passages about the nature of Christian fellowship. Christian fellowship is eternal and does not come to an end. What does this say about your relationships with other Christians, far less about your evangelizing zeal for the lost and perishing? If you don't know about Christian fellowship, how …

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Morality or Christianity?

The Christian Party does not campaign for morality but for Christian principles and values being articulated in public life. Secular conversion Many secular campaigning groups, ever since homosexuality was legalised in Britain in the 1960s, complain that they do not want to be merely tolerated but to be positively affirmed. They consider toleration to be …

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