There is a Christian Party

"There is a Christian Party – I like that!" This is good news. When Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of the reconstituted Scottish Parliament in 1999, launched the Scotland Bill in 1997 he announced: "There shall be a Scottish parliament," and added: "I like that!" Similarly, "There is a Christian Party – I like …

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Representative democracy

Brexit has demonstrated the importance of voting for the person whom you want to represent you in the House of Commons. The current situation of a minority Government bound by the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 has highlighted the following issues: Direct and Representative democracy Should an MP honour the wishes of the country in a …

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Why we need Christian voices in public life

A "Christian Voice" is a Christian articulating a Christian perspective on issues. It is not enough to have a Christian perspective, but one needs to articulate it. The Scottish National Party measures everything in terms of Scotland, the feminists in terms of gender, the homosexuals in terms of sexuality, the Greens in terms of the …

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When did BBC Question Time last change your mind?

Does the BBC flagship programme Question Time change anyone's mind? The standard of debate on BBC Question Time is poor and getting worse. We were told years ago that we needed female politicians who would bring civilised debate to male-dominated politics. I never believed it and I have seen no evidence that it has done …

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Those who think that religion and politics do not mix

There are those who think that religion and politics don't mix.  The truth is that their religion and their politics don't mix.  However, Christianity and politics mix quite easily together, and it is Christianity which gave us western democracy as we understand it and delivered us from the irreligious dogmatism of the 16th-century by recovering …

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Can you trust Christians?

It is common to hear people complain that they cannot trust such and such a person, particularly politicians. This is a blanket statement, showing how little thought they have given to the subject. People say that they cannot trust the Prime Minister and little wonder that people say that they cannot trust Christians when they …

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John Bunyan and biblical metaphors

I attended a useful lecture last night on The Forgotten John Bunyan, whose Pilgrim's Progress is a Christian classic. The adjective 'Forgotten' partly referred to Bunyan's language, imagination and use of metaphors, which were controversial in 17th-century British Christianity. Pilgrim's Progress is sometimes described as the first novel, but this is not accurate because Don …

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A summary of the New Testament in the Christian Bible

I recently summarised examples of Jesus’ extraordinary conversation in the Gospel of John. I hope it will be helpful to have a brief summary of the New Testament. Background – language and layout The New Testament was written after the Lord Jesus Christ appeared on Earth. In contrast, the Old Testament was written before He …

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Continuing partnership confusion

Civil partnerships are changing, slowly catching up with the Scottish Christian Party. The Scottish Christian Party (SCP) correctly predicted that civil partnerships were a stepping stone towards redefining marriage to include homosexual partnerships. The argument for recognising civil partnerships between same-sex couples was that married people had legal and financial advantages denied to homosexual couples. …

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Proclaiming Christ's Lordship

I am told that many people do not understand "proclaiming Christ's Lordship". So some Christians tell me. However, I have heard this only from Christians. Non-Christians have not said this to me in my 13 years of involvement with the Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship". If people do not understand Christ's Lordship, then it …

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The SNP's Scotland and slippery women

The SNP Government has published Scotland's Right to Choose. Possibly the inspiration comes from 'a woman's right to choose'. The Abortion Act 1967 was passed with assurances that 'social' abortion would not occur. More than 50 years later few people recall this and the debate is now about 'a woman's right to choose'. It has …

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