Bible Word Cloud

An interesting Word Cloud of the 66 books of the Bible gives the following list of the most frequent words in each book of the Bible as they appear to me. There are some very interesting combinations, particularly the Gospel of John.

Gen Lord God Jacob father Joseph Abraham land son sons Now
Ex Lord Moses people God Egypt Aaron
Lev Lord offering must priest unclean
Num Lord offering Moses Israelites
Deu Lord God land
Jos Lord Joshua Israel Israelites land king God towns
Jdg Lord men Israel went
Rut Naomi Ruth Lord Boaz Go father mother-in-law
1Sam Lord David Saul men Samuel Israel Philistines
2Sam David king lord men son Israel Joab Absalom
1K King lord Israel Solomon God son
2K Lord king Israel son
1Ch son Lord sons David father God
2Ch Lord king Judah God temple Israel people
Ezra God descendants Jerusalem Lord king son temple house
Neh son God people Levites Jerusalem
Est King Mordecai Jews Esther Haman
Job God man Job
Ps Lord God praise love
Pro man Lord wicked righteous heart wise
Ecc man God meaningless time sun better wisdom one heart wise
SoS lover love one come beautiful
Isa Lord one people God come
Jer Lord Judah land people Babylon king Jeremiah Jerusalem
Lam Lord Daughter Zion day people
Ezk Lord Sovereign Israel man land
Dan king Daniel God one men kingdom time
Hos Lord Israel Ephraim God people
Joel Lord people God nations great land
Amos Lord Israel declares Sovereign land house
Oba day Lord Esau possess house mountains
Jon Lord Jonah god
Mic Lord come people Israel
Nah Lord Nineveh away
Hab Lord nations earth
Zep Lord day land
Hag Lord Almighty declares day
Zec Lord Almighty Jerusalem
Mal Lord Almighty God
Mat Jesus One father man came
Mk Jesus man one disciples came went
Lk Jesus son one man God people
Jn Jesus One Father man know Now God
Act Paul God Lord men people went Jesus Peter Spirit Jews
Rom God law Christ one Lord
1Cor God Lord Christ one man body Spirit
2Cor God Christ Lord boast Now one Jesus
Gal Christ law God Spirit one faith Jesus
Eph Christ One God Lord Jesus love Spirit
Php Christ Jesus God Lord Whatever know brothers gospel
Col Christ God Lord things Jesus know since body one
1Th God Lord Jesus brothers Christ know Holy
2Th Lord God Jesus Christ brothers every Grace
1Tim God Christ Jesus good faith men must
2Tim Jesus Lord Christ God faith everyone good men know truth
Tit God good one teach things Saviour
Phm Christ Lord Jesus brother fellow Paul prisoner dear love
Heb God faith one priest
Jam God brothers man faith one Lord without anyone
1Pe God Christ good God’s now live one Jesus
2Pe Lord day Jesus Christ God men way knowledge
1Jn God love know one Son world anyone dear Spirit
2Jn love truth Father Christ teaching children Anyone
3Jn truth well dear friend church brothers good God
Jude men Lord Jesus Christ ungodly without follow Dear God Mercy
Revelation God earth angel seven great heaven come saw one throne

After reading this, one is left in no doubt Who the Bible is about! This Word Cloud is based upon the New International Version with American spelling (Savior for Saviour) and Sovereign in Ezekiel occurs as Lord (Hebrew: Adonai) in the KJV, but this should not alter the frequency of the commonest words.


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