Political interviews

I had a series of interviews and hustings prior to the last Scottish election on 5th May 2011.

The Rant was a student-produced Question Time hustings in the City of Glasgow College (CGC) on 31st March 2011 and is available on-line (view this video with Internet Explorer; the link currently does not work with Firefox). Labour’s Frank McAveety was with me on the panel and afterwards he told me that if he did not win his seat there would be “a stewards’ inquiry”! However, his large majority was overturned by the SNP rout of Labour and he was beaten by John Mason, a Christian MSP in the SNP. The CGC is Scotland’s newest and biggest Further Education institution, created in 2010 by a union of three colleges, Glasgow Metropolitan, Glasgow’s biggest college which incorporates the School of Communication and Media, Central College and Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.

This clipping from a BBC Scotland interview in Inverness was shown on 13/4/2011. Its context is here and the audio of the longer interview is available here.

On Thursday 28th April 2011 I was second in a series of seven Face to Face interviews with STV’s political editor Bernard Ponsonby in Glasgow. It begins at 8 mins 40 seconds and lasts eight minutes.

You can view here my profile and 2011 Election leaflet for the Highlands and Islands Region.

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