Sing Psalms

A new website promoting four-part-harmony Psalm singing has been recently launched.

A series of Psalmody CDs called Worthy to be Praised produced by the Psalmody Committee of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) are available. These have one disc of Psalm singing and one disc to teach the soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts for the tunes on Disc 1.

As well as 12 Psalm portions sung in four part harmony, Volumes 4 to 7 include some Scottish Gaelic Psalm Singing and one track of children’s voices. Samples of both English and Gaelic singing can be heard on the web site.

The discs are attractively produced and make ideal gifts. They can be purchased on-line by PayPal or credit card.

Metrical Psalm Resources

  • What’s that Tune? Donald Boyd, Ebenezer Publications, 2009, is a unique index of Sol-fa tunes to help both beginners and seasoned singers of the Scottish metrical Psalms to find the name of a tune from hearing the first line of its melody.  This attractive and handy, pocket-sized booklet can be carried easily with one’s Bible or Psalm book for rapid consultation.
  • “Sing unto Him, sing psalms to Him; talk of all His wondrous works” 1Ch 16:9 and Ps 105:2.
  • “Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms” Jam 5:13.

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