Christian behaviour

Many Christians can reel off the five points of Calvinism, but what are the five points of Christian behaviour?

They do not exist, because it is more likely to be 505, or 5005.

There are systematic theologies galore, but there is no systematic theology on Christian behaviour. There are books on Christian behaviour, but no systematic theology. For lack of such a theology, Christians keep making the same mistakes; congregations grow and fall apart; denominations likewise; and the Christian church makes slow progress.

I have gathered material for such a project but it is lengthy. 

However, such a theology will have been written and learned by the time the biblical Millennium arrives, for the church in the Millennium will practice Christian behaviour in all levels of society. Indeed, it will be the practice of proper Christian behaviour that will distinguish the Millennium from the preceding Christian era, both in its introduction and maintenance, by the enlightening grace of the Holy Spirit.


20 May 2021: my son James has prompted me to begin to publish online The Zugology of Christian Behaviour – almost 1000 A4 pages of my study of biblical behaviour – as and when I find opportunity to transfer the material. Meanwhile, the outline or contents can be seen here.

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