Obama gives a lead to Trump

There has been much media coverage of Donald Trump’s use of social media and mis-calling main stream media.

Let us remember that it was Obama who used social media to galvanise support for his successful campaign to reach the White House. It looks like sour grapes to complain that Donald Trump did the same.

“President Barack Obama is a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating media coverage of himself and his White House,” wrote Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen in February 2013.

The Week 2/3/2013 carries an article How Obama keeps the press at bay that states: “the White House has strongly cut back reporters’ access to the president, while exploiting social media and other new technologies to ruthlessly control its message.  The White House press corps is now denied direct access to Obama, his cabinet or other top officials.  Months go by without a real press conference.  The administration, meanwhile, churns out plenty of flattering ‘content’ of its own – photos, social media messages and interviews with naive journalists – feeding hungry TV stations and websites.”

Feb 2013 Obama the puppet master

30 Nov 2013 Editorial – Obama administration works hard to keep press at bay

29 Mar 2016 Obama’s hypocritical journalism lecture


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