Silencing mobile phones

Most people experience mobile phones ringing at inappropriate moments and the embarrassing scramble to discover if it is mine or someone else’s phone.

So the ability to swiftly and totally silence my Moto G5 Plus for two or whatever hours before going into a meeting is very welcome.

What is not so welcome is the software tinkering with this setting in recent times.  Now it no longer works.  Five hours later it is still on Total Silence and it has not switched itself off after two hours as promised.

So when I was notified last Saturday that there was a major upgrade to my android system, I waited with expectation for this feature to be corrected.  I waited in vain and it is just as non-functional as before.

Many websites are now incorporating easy feedback buttons to alert webmasters to errors on a webpage, and I have used these to good effect.  I am not familiar with how to do so with software developers, but the sooner it is made easily available to end-users the better.

Meanwhile someone else will need to bring this to Motorola’s attention and I impatiently await the outcome.


3 thoughts on “Silencing mobile phones

  1. Do you have the setting turned on to silence your phone if you turn it over?

    Go to Apps>Moto>MotoActions>Flip

    Or do you have any time period turned off under:
    Do not disturb > more settings > Automatic rules


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