George Soros, the UK and the EU

George Soros is known as the man who broke the Bank of England.

In 1992 Soros bet against the pound and made billions of pounds when the UK came out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism.  Similarly Arron Banks who supported Brexit made millions of pounds on the foreign exchanges from Britain’s decision to exit the EU.  A lot of money is being made and lost on the turmoil resulting from Italy’s political uncertainty.

It is one thing for smart investors to make money on foreign exchange markets, but it is another matter when foreign investors use their money to influence national politics.

There have been complaints about the Russians doing so, but what about George Soros who is backing the campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.  It is one thing to take a financial position, but when he is campaigning politically for a result that may influence his financial position, does this not call for transparency?

How does this differ in spirit from trying to influence the share price of a company?

Is Soros keen to reverse Brexit because he has a financial position running against him?  Why should a foreign national have such an interest in Britain’s membership of the EU; what does he gain from it?  Does he stand to gain financially from reversing Brexit?  The UK public is entitled to know.


12 Jun 2018: today Arron Banks, a major funder and founder of the Leave.EU Brexit campaign, answered questions before the House of Commons Select Committee on media.  Banks had initially declined to attend, noting that every MP member of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee were supporters of remaining in the EU.  The Committee had not called Remain groups for questioning.

It is time that George Soros was invited to answer questions.  We are still waiting for Mark Zuckerberg to agree to do so, who responded positively to an invitation from the European Union.

This disrepect comes on the back of the decades of humiliating the UK entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, and it shows that it is time for the UK to recover its negotiating position in the world, which will be one result from leaving the EU.  If the North Korean leader can secure a meeting with the US  President, it is time that the UK recovers its negotiating place in the world.

When George Soros and Zuckerberg change their attitude, it will show that the UK is recovering international respect, but no thanks to the EU, which systematically neutered Britain’s international negotiating skills, whereas not so long ago it administered the largest empire in global history.

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