No-deal Brexit and the integrity of the UK

Is it any surprise that the Brexit negotiations have resolved themselves into a debate and a vote upon the integrity of the UK?

This is the essence of the no-deal debate over the next week in the House of Commons, beginning with the House of Commons vote tonight to try to hinder a no-deal Brexit

The EEC (European Economic Community) was about trade and business.

The EU was about political union and European citizenship.

The euro was an attempt to use currency to forge a unified political authority.

Brexit is about recovering political sovereignty.

The ‘backstop’ about Northern Ireland demanded by the EU in the Brexit deal interferes with the integrity of the UK, while the EU considers its ‘four freedoms’ to be essential and non-negotiable. The EU doctrine of freedom of movement of people, contrasted with freedom of movement of workers, essentially determines the borders of the EU and encroaches on UK sovereignty in Northern Ireland.

The EU’s ‘Brexit deal’ has resolved itself into the integrity of the UK, and it expects the UK to question and possibly to surrender its integrity.

The ‘ no-deal’ option safeguards the integrity of the UK, but many MPs in the House of Commons are trying to stop the no-deal option using the scare tactics of the Remain campaign. Project Fear is an unworthy project obscuring from many people that such MPs are prepared to gamble with the integrity of the UK.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


5 Dec 2017: the SNP Scottish Government is interfering with Northern Ireland sovereignty by promoting abortion by the back door.

7 Jan 2019: The Times on no-deal Brexit.

7 Jan 2019: Bill Cash MP summarises some of the difficulties in the Withdrawal Agreement.

Brexiteers on the left have been long-standing, as shown by these video clips from 1983-1996, including Jeremy Corbyn.

10 Jan 2019: we are told the world doesn’t want a no-deal Brexit. I missed this Referendum.

10 Jan 2019: an insight into how Government still operates – honours for votes. Surely not?

6 Feb 2019: President of the European Commission Donald Tusk is getting rattled and exposing his poor knowledge about hell. BBC’s Andrew Neil claims that a no-deal Brexit will tip the EU over the cliff edge.  EU’s Guy Verhofstadt rallies to support Donald Tusk. They don’t know when to stop digging.

9 Aug 2019: the integrity of the UK is now being threatened by the SNP.  The SNP threatened it over the abortion issue in Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland has been used by the EU to interfere with the UK’s borders.  This alliance between the EU, the Republic of Ireland and the SNP-governed Scotland is an attempted pincer movement to snip off Scotland from England and the UK, to re-unite the island of Ireland and snip it off from the England and the UK.  This is an anti-English sentiment, which is easily discernible in Scotland’s recently-adopted national anthem. 


2 thoughts on “No-deal Brexit and the integrity of the UK

  1. Colin Mansfield

    Well illuminated Donald, as soon as we can get out of this EU mess the better. Even when our Parliamentarians have thrown themselves on the “railway track” we still have the likes of Gina Millar & Co waiting at the buffers to prevent us leaving, probably using an ancient law from Magna Carta etc.
    Poorer countries in the EU are panicking at the prospect of missing out on the £39bn bonanza if we drop off the negotiating platform. In fact Poland & France are now joining the failed EU states {the PIGS} Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain ~ all in need of money handouts.
    Another prospect we need to tackle is the £14bn annual giveaway to undeserving countries, especially when we need most of it to repair our own domestic situations, which the EU seems to ignore.


    1. Donald

      Thanks, Colin.

      Gina Millar would find it difficult to use Magna Carta as EU legislation contradicts Habeus Corpus contained in it. Many people can see that the presumption of innocence has been undermined in recent years, but they do not realise that it has come from EU legislation.


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