The Independent Group contradicts UK independence from Europe

Conviction politics is alive and well. The Independent Group is a new alliance in the House of Commons of MPs against Brexit and the issues it has highlighted who have felt compelled to leave their current political parties.

The issue is, What conviction? Conviction may be sincere, but one can be sincerely wrong, with wrong convictions. The godly are very familiar with this topic. The godly have learned in their personal lives that one’s convictions can be seriously wrong and have learned from Jesus Christ to change their mind.

The Independent Group (TIG) has formed because it is opposed to UK independence from the European Union. Independence for one but not for another.

Independence is a misleading word, employed to mean ‘just what I choose it to mean’. The SNP wants to be independent of Westminster but dependent upon the EU. TIG wants to be independent of their former political parties but for the UK to be dependent upon the EU. “No man is an island” and independence is a vain dream, a delusion. It began with man’s rebellion against God – his desire to be independent of his Creator.

The Lib Dems got nowhere with promoting a second referendum on Brexit, so I suspect that these MPs will stand on a Return to the EU platform at the next General Election. Why not simply join the Lib Dems? Doing so is unlikely to carry their constituencies with them, and becoming Lib Dems will alienate their constituency supporters.

I looked in vain for conviction in Christian politicians to form a Christian Party in Parliament at the time of redefining marriage to include homosexual couples. Whatever conviction is present in modern politics, it is apparent that the false religion of secularism is dominant in the House of Commons.

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