It’s who you know

Commonly people say: “It’s not what you know – it’s who you know.”

There is truth in this, but not the whole truth. It is a false antithesis. They do not need to be opposed to each other, but are complementary.

The statement is sometimes used as an excuse for not knowing things. We cannot be expected to know everything, but the real skill is to know where to find the answer.

For some, this amounts to relying upon others who know better. The difficulty is how to determine if they can be trusted. Sometimes this faith is misplaced.

Christians agree with the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as the Son of God. If we are to arrive in heaven, we need to know the Lord Jesus Christ Who knows the way because He is the Way, because He created and opened up the way to heaven. No-one else has done so, although people assure themselves otherwise, that there are other ways to heaven, with no evidence that it is so.

So what do you know and who do you know for reaching heaven?

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