The Lib Dem Revokers

EU Remainers are by definition those who voted to ‘Remain’ in the Brexit Referendum to leave the European Union on 23 Jun 2016.

Since then, these Remainers have fallen into four categories.

Remoaners are activists in the Remain camp who demonstrate that they are bad losers by refusing to accept the result of the EU Referendum and are actively working to stop it.

This is a rare term, not often used, applied to those who voted Remain but accepted the result of the Referendum and accepted that the Government has a duty to Leave the EU. This usually applied more specifically to Tory Remainers who wanted to have an active role in the Tory Government committed to delivering Brexit.

Prime Minister David Cameron could not make such a change and promptly resigned the day after the Brexit result, adding to another of his broken promises in doing so. He represents a diminishing group of Remainers who are sitting it out or hoping that Remoaners will stall Brexit long enough to ameliorate the effects of Brexit.


Revokers are the new kids on the block, sometimes called Reversers. With Jo Swinson as the new Lib Dem leader, the Lib Dem policy is now to revoke Article 50 and contradict the wishes of the UK electorate. Indeed, they are also contradicting ‘the will of Parliament’ which voted for Article 50, but our political pundits have not commented on this. This shows the spirit and attitude of the woman who declared “I will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit” when she became the new leader.

Not for her the extending of Article 50. Rather – simply revoke it. As for another referendum, she has already said she would not support nor implement another Leave victory in a second Referendum but continue to fight against it. She is a guerilla fighter who does not know when they have lost – a bad loser. Not for her another Referendum. Forget ‘the proroguing of Parliament’ debate; this is by-passing Parliament as well as the wishes of the majority of the electorate.

While one recent convert to the Lib Dem Party, Sam Gyimah MP complained on BBC Politics Live today about the dogmatism of the Tories, the credentials of another recent convert Philip Lee MP were under scrutiny because he was not sufficiently ‘on message’ (dogmatism?) in his homosexual support. There are none so illiberal as the Liberals.

Revoke-leader’s speech at the Lib Dem Party Conference

In her leader’s speech today, Jo Swinson copied Jeremy Corbyn (“whatever it takes …”?) by quoting a member of the public, a procedure used by Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Question Time but mocked by political pundits for not following pundit-convention. Times change.

She raised a laugh in her speech by saying that Boris Johnson was “doing a pretty good impression of [a socialist dictator]”. Impressions are one thing, but Swinson has dictated the new direction of the Lib Dem Party. Where was the Conference debate on the subject? The Great Leader’s diktat “We must stop Brexit” is enough. In her speech today she said: “There is no limit to my ambition for our Party and our country.” Sounds dictatorial? She complained about Boris Johnson’s language, choosing a few inflammatory feminist examples, but her own language needs analysis and improvement. No limit, Jo? – so why do you complain about Boris stretching the boundaries and proroguing Parliament?

“Today, I am standing here as your candidate for Prime Minister.” Shades of David Steel in 1981? Delusions of grandeur? Even Jacob Rees-Mogg, when riding at the top of the bookies’ polls as a future Prime Minister, did not put himself forward as Tory leader and Prime Minister, pointing out that no-one had gone from the Tory back-benches to Prime Minister without the intermediate step of ministerial office. Jo Swinson thinks she can defy the laws of political jealousy – sorry, political convention. However, she appealed to the feminist, Remoaner, environmental and homosexual constituencies with a self-confidence that may persuade the unwary and gullible supporters in these constituencies to create their own Momentum. She declared “Love is love” with an air of profundity that obscured to her applauding audience its ambiguity and meaningless, equal to Theresa May’s “Brexit means Brexit”. She claims she has learned from past mistakes and failed promises, but there is not much to show for this.


27 Sep 2019: tonight Mark Urban on BBC Newsnight introduced us to another profound truism in discussing the BBC’s ‘editorial theology’ on racism. “Racism is racism” was the BBC response to criticism from dozens of activists about the BBC’s attitude to racism. Shades of Theresa May and of Jo Swinson (see above)! Is a new trend beginning?

I note also that “women of colour” was used by BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty in this criticised broadcast, just as it was used recently by Meghan Markle, but this was the phrase for which Amber Rudd had to apologize to Dianne Abbott. Newspeak does not even know its own orthodoxy.

8 Oct 2019: BBC Newsnight introduced us to ‘colourism’, the daughter of ‘racism’, in which privileges are given to lighter-skinned people. At least colour is objective and visible – although a spectrum – while ‘racism’ is a figment of the evolutionary imagination. There is only one human race.

7 Jan 2019: Remoaners are still moaning and dragging their heels over Brexit. Sir Ed Davey, acting co-leader of the Lib Dems, told LBC radio’s Shelagh Fogarty that Nigel Farage’s plans to celebrate Brexit on 31 Jan 2020 in Parliament Square is “nonsense” and should not happen. He would refuse it if it was his choice. This is his contribution to “uniting the country”!

11 May 2021: Professor Alan Sked’s history of Liberal and Lib Dem’s untrustworthiness and betrayal over the past half century.

12 May 2022: Diktat is now being discussed in the House of Lords.

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