New highs and new lows in the EU Project Fear

EU Project Fear has reached new heights and Remainers’ skulduggery has reached new depths.

BBC Newsnight reported tonight that Jean-Claude Juncker said: “a Brexit without an agreement would lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom”. A threat or a prediction from this false prophet of doom? Is the wish the father of the thought?

Not to be outdone, Tony Blair has pitched in behind this to increase the fear. He and John Major are fearful that the legacy they worked so hard to promote might turn to dust. Why we should be controlled by their fears is not clear.

A half-hour phonecall this morning between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has been interpreted as a Brexit deal being “essentially impossible not just now, but ever”.

Donald Tusk, the EU Council President, added his penny’s worth, contextualising serious issues as a blame game. The EU negotiators are spooked, and they are discovering that their trade in political reframing of debates cannot transfer to reframing international treaties. Politicians who trade in shifting goalposts, who cannot face up to reality, are now frightened by reality. Their dreams and fantasies are running into the sands of reality. The UK is leaving the EU and Eurocrats have still to face up to this reality.

The EU land grab

The EU’s last-pitch desperate demand has returned to the EU land grab of Northern Ireland as the price for taking away fear. They want to create a fear of breaking up the UK and the price of keeping the peace is to give Northern Ireland to the thieving EU. The EU Customs Union is simply a method of extending the borders of its hegemony at the UK’s expense.

The Brexit lesson

The Brexit experience ensures that the UK public will be more politically savvy for a generation or more. After WWII there was a generation who understood appeasement, which has been long ago forgotten, for a generation or two, but the lessons from the EU negotiators’ disdainful treatment of the UK’s attempt to re-assert its sovereignty will last for a generation at least.

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