All Lives Matter

It is time to correct the narrative.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) slogan had spread from America to the UK. It is directed at racists and aims to inform and influence governments towards inclusive policies.

However, the topic is wider than black and white. This is only one way to highlight the prejudice of the human heart, and it is inadequate because of its partiality. It draws attention only to colour.

The fact is that ALL lives matter, from the womb to the tomb and not just the cradle to the grave.


Having devalued life in the womb it is little wonder that secular morality cannot make up its mind which lives really matter. Having crossed the line of the sanctity of all human life, what line should now be drawn by our secular society, and why, and how does it assess it, how does it stop it shifting further and who determines it? No wonder each interest group needs to fight its corner.

Abortion is testimony to the secular attitude to sex, rarely addressed in discussions on abortion. This sordid end to illicit and thoughtless sex is bookended at the other end of life when the secularist cremates the body in the vain hope that it will wipe out the prospect of being called into judgment by God.


Much the same applies to euthanasia, hastening the soul either towards everlasting blessedness or torment. It is not a very sensible policy, but secularists do not think about this so they are prepared to entertain the risk.

The pass was sold a long time ago, but it can be recovered – all lives matter.


14 Sep 2021: the NHS seems to agree to a certain extent with Every Mind Matters. It is, of course, still selective as shown above.

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