Talents or vision?

The newly-elected leader of the SNP, Humza Yousaf, gave his acceptance speech today in which he articulated the priorities and vision of the Scottish National Party, claiming that Scotland has the talents to implement the separatist vision he embodies.

Truly, Scotand has the talents. So do the Christians in Scotland. The question is, What vision does Scotland want to implement?

Which Vision?

Which vision do the Christians in Scotland want to implement? Why should it be left to the secularists, or the separatists, or the Greens or the homosexuals? Will Christians not step up to the plate to implement the Christian vision for Scotland and the UK?

Christians have the money, the resources, the talents, and the policies to reform Scotland and the United Kingdom. Do they have the vision? If not, what does this say about their preachers? What Bible are they using? What biblical vision are they preaching?

Now that Britain has a Hindu Prime Minister who worships a cow, and a muslim First Minister in Scotland along with a muslim Mayor of London, which the media have been only too ready to proclaim, why is Christianity the one religion that dares not say its name?


Yousaf’s speech concluded: “Today, we have sent a clear message that your colour of skin or indeed your faith is not a barrier to leading the country that we all call home.” Yet it was Kate Forbes’ Christianity that was used to damage her prospects. The co-leader of the Scottish Greens Patrick Harvie is on record as saying that people with Kate Forbes’ view should be prevented from becoming MSPs. Some barrier! Further, the threat that the Scottish Greens would withdraw their support from the SNP Administration if Kate Forbes should win was also a feature of the leadership campaign. Further, tens of thousands said that they would leave the SNP Party if Kate Forbes should win. All this belies Yousaf’s comment about faith not being “a barrier to leading the country”.

Former Conservative leader William Hague had already said early in the SNP leadership campaign that someone with Kate Forbes’ views could not be a leader of the Conservative Party. We have known this for some time. There are those with Kate Forbes’ views who are very high in the Conservative Party, both in Scotland and England, but they do not speak out like she did. Has Hague not handled more grist to the separatist mill? He is the very Conservative leader who began ‘to green’ the Tory image to win the environmental vote; how about trying to win the Christian vote or is he happy to lose it?

When will Christians proclaim that Christianity has a relevant, important and significant message and contribution to make to national affairs? Do we need a new generation of Christian preachers who can see and articulate the Christian Vision?

The new SNP Leader’s generational prophesy

Speaking of generations, the new leader of the SNP, Humza Yousaf, told us more than once in his speech: “we will be the generation that delivers independence for Scotland.” However, the SNP have had difficulties in the past with “once in a generation”. The SNP Government’s publication Scotland’s Future, 2013, described the 2014 Referendum as “a once in a generation opportunity”. Can we expect Humza Yousaf to deliver within nine years, or does he need more wriggle room? The next generation will be able to assess if he is a false prophet or not.

Twitter Comments

George Galloway on the numbers.

Mayhar Tousi on the contradictions.

30 Mar 2023: The House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall included a rare debate on Christianity in Society.

1 Apr 2023: SNP MSP Fergus Ewing says that the Scottish Greens are extremists who ought not to be in Government.

2 thoughts on “Talents or vision?

  1. Colin Mansfield

    Hi Donald,
    Independence from what & who & when?
    Scots be careful what you wish for. We remember the arrogance & hubris of Fred the Shred with the Royal Bank of Scotland in his palm. Buy up USA sub-prime mortgage debt there’s big money to be made from debts. The collapse of many banks & building societies came tumbling down soon after. RBoS was the “biggest” bank in the world ~ caution was thrown to the wind, to big to fail. Fred walked away with a huge pension, with taxpayers to the rescue {thank you Gordon Brown for saving us}.
    Its not just counting the money that’s “guid” that’s Mammon worship afterall, but where are the 2 ferries for the islands, long overdue, costs are way beyond control. And now a USA deep sea ship toppled over in a dry dock of all places? Remember the Edinburgh trams fiasco, the new expensive Parliament for a population no bigger than Birmingham?
    The wealth of a country is in its people and in their talents, its natural resources too, not in the banks with their spreadsheet accountants. What sort of Scotland is envisaged by the leadership?
    By the way, you forgot to include Northern Ireland which doesn’t have a First Minister in any shape or form, or a vision or a sense of purpose.
    England isn’t perfect either, post industrial, post empire, post Christianity, post capitalism but “multi-faceted” so lacking direction!
    Bye for now,


    1. Donald


      Politicians rely upon people having short memories so they need a Christian Party to remind them of the unchristian policies of the major parties. The SNP and RBS story is detailed here https://donaldboyd.org/2017/05/25/rbs-and-the-snp/

      The SNP failure to have a Scottish vision is mentioned here https://ukchristianparty.org/where-are-you/scotland/

      I didn’t forget to include Northern Ireland. The topic was the SNP and its relationship with the UK, not Northern Ireland. However, the BBC2 documentary on 12 Apr 2023 is available now: The MI5 Spy and the IRA: Operation Chiffon https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001kl8p It suggests that a united Ireland is the promise at the bottom of the Good Friday Agreement.


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