Impoverished conversation and free speech

Misunderstanding is common in conversation, but what really impoverishes speech nowadays is the subjects that are off-limits. Political correctness has made everyone aware that some topics are off-limits and even particular words have now been banned. Free speech is under attack but let us notice that it began long ago with the supposed rule for …

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The poverty of modern debate

The poor level of modern debate is not only a reflection upon our poor educational system, but it shows the spirit of the debaters and the standards in public life. Our poor educational system The inability of public speakers to define their terms, to interact meaningfully with opponents without misrepresenting their views, and their inability …

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Lies still matter and always will

It seems that in our ungodly society some lies are more tolerable than others.  The resignation of Damian Green is a case in point. Damian Green resigned as First Secretary of State after he was found to have made "inaccurate and misleading" statements about his knowledge that pornography was found on his House of Commons office …

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