Repurposed medicines

Repurposed medicines are well-known medicines being used for a new purpose. Sometimes a new medication's side effects prove more useful than its original purpose. Amiodarone was originally developed to treat thyroid disease, but its 'side effect' on the heart proved so useful that it is now a heart medicine with side effects on the thyroid! …

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The benefits from coronavirus

People are frightened by coronavirus to such an extent that some people are in denial that it will come to their area. Many forget that God is in control and that there are benefits from God's providence. International benefits Climate change, international terrorism and epidemics have the benefit of knocking international heads together who do …

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Climate changes – get used to it

Why shouldn't climate change? Green-land? Greenland was once green and the home to Viking farmers in the 1100s AD. Since then the climate changed drastically in the 1300s, the Vikings left and their farmlands are now covered in snow and ice. Climate changes more rapidly than evolutionists deceive the public into believing. The world is …

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Science falsely so called

The Bible speaks of pseudo-science as well as science. Paul warned Timothy to avoid "profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called" 1Tim 6:20. Christians are taught not to be gullible. Jesus teaches critical thinking, counter-cultural thinking and delivers us from servile following of the crowd. Medical trials On 18 Feb 2020 …

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Medicine cannot make up for stupidity

The success of modern medicine has made some people behave in a reckless manner, risking their own life and the lives of others, in the false belief and mistaken hope that medicine can save them from any of the consequences of their risky behaviour. Coronavirus The coronavirus outbreak is an example. The USA has repatriated …

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Starlight and Time

Tonight I attended a public showing of The Starlight Travel Dilemma, in 'The Heavens Declare' series produced by Awesome Science Media. This was the third in a three-part series upholding the biblical teaching on God's creation of the world against the evolutionary hypothesis so current in secular teaching. Scientists are fascinated by astrophysics and the …

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The 20th-century Icon

Rarely can it be so clearly demonstrated that people, and even whole societies, cannot see what is plainly in front of their eyes.   Not only is this a theological truth, illustrated by the atheism believed by intelligent people, as well as by the effect of distraction practised by parents on crying children, but the …

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Global, please, not Universal

Universal Credit and the universal flood – really?  The universe was not flooded, and Universal Credit is not even global.  It is a social security benefit in the United Kingdom which, having rolled together and replaced six other benefits, has been called 'universal'.  However, the UK is not the Universe. Many people commonly and wrongly …

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Seven days that changed the heavens

408 years ago today, Galileo's discovery changed our understanding of the solar system forever.  His astronomical observations irrefutably confirmed the hypothesis formulated by Copernicus 100 years earlier that the Earth was not the centre of the solar system. This was an Earth-shattering discovery. Between 7th and 13th January 1610, Galileo discovered and observed the four …

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