A theological dictionary

I have decided to begin an online theological dictionary with definitions of biblical and theological terms. It will probably include and develop into short articles on these and other themes.

Much confusion is created in Christian fellowship meetings by failure to define one’s terms. Thus people speak at cross-purposes and confusion develops instead of edification 1Cor 14:5,12,26; 2Cor 12:19; Eph 4:12,16,29; 1Tim 1;4.

For example, a discussion begins on assurance. Usually the topic is assurance of one’s personal salvation, but this is not always clear. The conversation can change into assurance about a particular doctrine, or about some aspect of faith, and no-one notices what has happened so that they speak to different topics with resulting confusion. One needs to ask: Assurance of what? It needs an object. Faith in what? It needs an object.

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