A summary of the opening chapters of Ezekiel

To understand Scripture, one needs to understand texts and passages in context.

So a summary of Scripture chapters can be very useful to help us understand the context.

I have been doing so for years for my Bible commentary, an on-going work that will probably be published posthumously. However, this does not prevent extracts coming out as required or requested.

This latest blog is a request from Graham Mair, a godly companion who labours diligently in the Lord. His requests also resulted in this earlier blogpost.

This is a simple summary of the opening four chapters of Ezekiel. It can be downloaded here – Ezk 1-4.

The first online instalment of my Bible commentary was here.

My Bible commentary undergirds my other writing. There are two major works I am engaged in, with a third one ticking away in the background.

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