The end of a Royal Chapter

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died this morning at Windsor Castle, a few months short of his 100th birthday. As Consort to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, he was the longest-serving Royal Consort in British history. The Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship" expresses its Christian condolences …

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Repurposed medicines

Repurposed medicines are well-known medicines being used for a new purpose. Sometimes a new medication's side effects prove more useful than its original purpose. Amiodarone was originally developed to treat thyroid disease, but its 'side effect' on the heart proved so useful that it is now a heart medicine with side effects on the thyroid! …

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John Bunyan and biblical metaphors

I attended a useful lecture last night on The Forgotten John Bunyan, whose Pilgrim's Progress is a Christian classic. The adjective 'Forgotten' in the title referred not so much to Bunyan himself but in part to Bunyan's language, imagination and use of metaphors, which were controversial in 17th-century British Christianity. Pilgrim's Progress is sometimes described …

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Reunions and Partings

The One Show on BBC 1 tonight draws attention to reunions and partings. I was watching this programme because the results of the BBC programme 20th-century Icons are announced on it. The finalists were clarified in tonight's programme and I have updated my blogpost. However, the same show had a marvellous story about the reunion …

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The 20th-century Icon

Rarely can it be so clearly demonstrated that people, and even whole societies, cannot see what is plainly in front of their eyes.   Not only is this a theological truth, illustrated by the atheism believed by intelligent people, as well as by the effect of distraction practised by parents on crying children, but the …

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An Introduction to Zugology

Zugology is the theology of balanced Christianity.  It is a new branch of theology that overarches all current branches of theology, being the summation of them all. Systematic theology, biblical theology, historical theology, experimental theology, comparative theology, etc.  The list goes on. Zugology is that branch of theology which requires the balancing and integrating of …

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