Morality and women in politics

The Women’s Equality Party is the new lassie on the block. It does not like Donald Trump’s victory in the USA. Its spokeswoman on the Daily Politics today complains that his election means that one can demean woman and ‘it doesn’t matter’. Secular morality is offended.

The secular elite is now discovering how Christians have felt for decades about the absence of morality in politics. We have complained for long enough that successful politicians can support abortion ‘and it doesn’t matter’.

The creation of the Women’s Equality Party is the latest stage in feminist politics and the feminist agenda.

It is another example of single issue politics – like the SNP, the Greens, UKIP, etc.

It reminds Christians that our ‘single issue’ is worth making the basis for the Christian Party.

The difference is that Christianity is not going away any time soon – but single issue parties either attain their aim (as UKIP) and lose their purpose, or their issues are taken on by other parties (the Tories took on UKIP issues and various political parties have taken on Green issues).

How does the Women’s Equality Party become a majority concern? Look at how many cows are in the field compared to the bulls – and think – IVF, feminism, redefining the family, and imagine their future.

We look forward to Christian Party issues and policies being further adopted by other political parties.

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