Morality or Christianity?

The Christian Party does not campaign for morality but for Christian principles and values being articulated in public life. Secular conversion Many secular campaigning groups, ever since homosexuality was legalised in Britain in the 1960s, complain that they do not want to be merely tolerated but to be positively affirmed. They consider toleration to be …

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Christianity is judged unimportant in Scotland

A Scottish National Party Leadership debate was broadcast this evening in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. It was hosted by The Inverness Courier who requested questions by email from its readers so that "all of the issues which are most important to our readers are put to the candidates". A week before the …

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Dealing with the energy crisis

Now that energy costs are leading to hyper-inflation, it is time to contribute to the solution to the energy crisis. First, there is the immediate problem and then there are long-term issues. What is the immediate problem? The important matter is that everyone is able to heat their homes and feed their family, especially through …

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Religion on display

Religious symbols have been on display in public for many years, whereas secularists are trying to remove them. However, religious speech is not so common in UK public affairs unless a muslim refers to Muhammad. So-called Christian comment is almost always wide of the biblical and Christian mark. How often do you hear Jesus Christ …

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Can you trust Christians?

It is common to hear people complain that they cannot trust such and such a person, particularly politicians. This is a blanket statement, showing how little thought they have given to the subject. People say that they cannot trust the Prime Minister and little wonder that people say that they cannot trust Christians when they …

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There is a Christian Party

"There is a Christian Party – I like that!" When Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of the reconstituted Scottish Parliament in 1999, launched the Scotland Bill in 1997 he announced: "There shall be a Scottish parliament," and added: "I like that!" Similarly, "There is a Christian Party – I like that!" You can add …

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The BBC and the democratic deficit

Voters complain that they hear from would-be politicians only at election time. The fact is that most voters don't want to hear from would-be politicians at any time, but only from those who are already in power, or likely to be helped by their political party to gain power. The same is true of the …

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Christians and political party loyalty

Brexit has tested Westminster party loyalties to breaking point and it is testing the raison d’être of these parties.  There is a realignment along Brexit lines and this General Election is clearly about Brexit – unless one is a Tory. Boris Johnson and the Tories are clearly fighting for their party rather than the country, …

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Why we need Christian voices in public life

A "Christian Voice" is a Christian articulating a Christian perspective on issues. It is not enough to have a Christian perspective, but one needs to articulate it. The Scottish National Party measures everything in terms of Scotland, the feminists in terms of gender, the homosexuals in terms of sexuality, the Greens in terms of the …

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An Introduction to Zugology

Zugology is the theology of balanced Christianity.  It is a new branch of theology that overarches all current branches of theology, being the summation of them all. Systematic theology, biblical theology, historical theology, experimental theology, comparative theology, etc.  The list goes on. Zugology is that branch of theology which requires the balancing and integrating of …

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