Equality and children

Highland Green MSP John Finnie wants to criminalise parents who smack their children.   However, social services are already over-stretched and already have too much power to intrude into family life.

He has launched a consultation, which closes on 4/8/2017, as a prelude to his planned Private Members’ Bill to ban smacking by parents.  It is being promoted under ‘equality’ between children and adults – another example of the inability of some adults to discern the difference between things.  The equality agenda and control freakery have run wild and this is a manifestation of the poor education that some politicians have received.  Undefined and nebulous equality is a new commandment in their secular religion, and it is doing a lot of damage, because many things are not equal and we cannot simply assert that they are.  Equality is also a feature of the Language Battle (whereby words are redefined and opinions changed), and this Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Bill assumes and asserts that parental smacking is assault.

There are already laws on physical assault and the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 prohibits certain forms of physical punishment already, but permits parental smacking.

Finnie also wants to remove religious representatives from the Education Committee of The Highland Council, showing a lack of historical appreciation for the role of Christianity in Scotland’s development and its educational system.  However, in the past decade of SNP government in Scotland, Scotland’s children have suffered educational decline, reckoned to be about two years behind children educated in England.

Who will stand up for Christian principles in The Highland Council?

The Green Party, to which Finnie turned when the SNP changed its policy on NATO, was instrumental in provoking the SNP administration to redefine marriage in Scotland, and the Lib Dem Party played the same role in England through Nick Clegg in coalition with David Cameron’s Tory Party.

Further, when discussing Israel with John Finnie MSP, I asked him why he was opposed to the only democratic state in the Middle East.  He responded: “Is it?”

This is the same man who supports Palestinian causes against Israel.  What does he think about Palestinian children being taught in schools named after suicide bombers?  This goes far beyond parental corporal punishment.  What name does he give it?  Where does it fit in his spectrum of equality and assault?


4 Jul 2017: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a physical, psychological and sexual abuse well worth highlighting and combating.   NHS England has recorded 5391 new cases in the past year.  Will Finnie show the same zeal against this?  There have been no convictions in the 30 years it has been illegal in Britain.  Further, what about abortion, the ultimate physical assault on helpless children?  Has Finnie spoken out against this?

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