Secular religion imitating Christianity

There are a number of Christian concepts being imitated by secular religion.

It is worth listing them, with links to articles explaining each one.

  1. The secular pulpit.
  2. Just as atheistic communism had what Bertrand Russell called ‘religious faith in the Marxian gospel’ with its ‘religious dogma’, which should ‘not be questioned but believed in’, with a morality that ‘the end justifies the means’, so it is no surprise to find secularism muscling in on ‘the religious slot’ in broadcast media and similar occasions.
  3. Secular theocracy as explained by Michael Portillo.
  4. Secular ceremonies for secular ‘namings’, weddings and funerals by secular celebrants.
  5. Secular morality: political correctness is the new morality, noticeably omitting the first four of the ten commandments and modifying the other six.
  6. Secular sin is addressed in its new form as thought crime.
  7. The penalty for secular sin.
  8. Public confession to imitate Christianity in public life.
  9. Secular repentance does not only change minds but unlike Christianity the secular variety includes control freakery.
  10. The secular Revolution in thought from Section 28 in 1988 to gender fluidity in 2017, under the guise of equality, is undoing the civil and religious liberties of the 16th Reformation.  Control freakery is running wild so that Christians are now on the run from a persecuting state.
  11. Jockeying with other forms of competitive religion, the National Secular Society wants to remove hospital chaplains, continuing the ‘militant secularisation’ of Britain.  The NSS aims to replace the Christian Establishment with a secular Establishment – exchanging one religion with another.
  12. Secular love is not Christian love.
  13. Secular puritanism is worse than Christian puritanism.
  14. Secular toleration is not even a pale shadow of Christian toleration.
  15. Secular swearing is part of the language battle to demean Christian terminology.
  16. Secular debate has its own secular censorship.
  17. Secular grief is politically correct.
  18. The secular culture of death with abortion, voluntary euthanasia and abuse of the elderly is creeping over society.
  19. Secular science wants no debate over its locked-in gains.
  20. Secular fears about the future have been as apocalyptic as the Bible, but not as optimistic as the Bible.

Secularism is on the wrong side of history and of eternity.

It is time to recover ‘the merry heart of Christianity’ with its good news.

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