We do not like you but we love your money

The USA, UK and Israel are in competition for the ‘most disliked country’ in the world.

Forget North Korea, Syria, Iran and the host of other countries who regularly condemn Israel at the United Nations (UN).  The current pariahs are the UK for leaving the European Union (EU), and the USA for moving its embassy to Jerusalem.  However, these countries have a long way to go to match the state of Israel for ‘chief-pariah’ status.

The EU wants the UK to stay in its union, not for love of the UK, but it does love its money and the regular financial contribution that helps to keep its Eurocrats in a job and with a pension for life.

Similarly, the world protests against the USA, but whenever there is a need for disaster relief somewhere in the world the cry goes up: ‘Where are the Americans?’  Little attention is paid to the rapid disaster-relief response from the little land of Israel.  ‘Where are the Saudis?’ does not resonate through the deafening silence on this awkward subject.  The contribution of the arab-muslim world to the sum-total of human happiness misery is sufficiently well-known that no country asks this question.

The clamorous protests at the UN against the USA moving its embassy to Jerusalem has back-fired on these nay-sayers because the USA has now cut $285 million from its contribution to the UN budget.  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said the “historic reduction” in spending is a step in the right direction and that the US will make many other moves towards a more efficient and accountable UN.

It is time that the public paid attention to what actually happens at the UN instead of listening to the sound bites from main stream media.  Where is the apartheid?


18 May 2021: how good that the UK has left the EU. We did so by the skin our teeth, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. It meant that the UK rolled out vaccines at a much better rate than the EU. Now Finland has baulked at raising the upper limit for national contributions to the EU budget for the EU Recovery Fund, a cover term for its incompetent financial planning. Imagine if the UK was still in this talking shop, propping up this failing institution? Poor Europeans; when will people hold their leaders accountable?

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