Selective moral outrage

Secular morality has always been selective.  It knocks out the first four commandments and modifies the other six of the Ten Commandments.

It adds a few more of its own, and keeps some up its sleeve to use when the going is good and when the time and the price is right.  Political correctness is shifting sand ready to catch people out using today’s secular morality to judge the behaviour of former times.  Some claim that these are moral standards, but in fact they simply reflect the current opinion, often expressed in political decisions, which are as changeable as the politicians who vote according to political considerations. They are not standards, far less moral standards.

This keeps the media in business and the political ‘musical chairs’ on the move. In America, the latest story is on Donald Trump, with the rushed publication of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. In the UK the latest story uses today’s political correctness to judge Boris Johnson’s speech and behaviour not so long ago.

This type of politics gets worse when opponents see the need to play the man when they are unable to play the ball. Sometimes they have no interest in the ball and want to play the man anyway. When America has a Republican president, the anti-American rhetoric rises in the UK, and it cools when the US president is a Democrat, if the BBC Question Time audience is a gauge of this.

We are living in a climate of lies, which necessarily leads to a lack of trust of those in public life, who are assumed to have reached there by intrigue and compromise.

Leaders and all those in a position of authority need to be reminded that they are responsible for how they use their God-given authority, and its abuse ‘shall receive greater condemnation’ James 3:1.

“Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

Jesus Christ: Matthew 12:36.


12 Sep 2022: another example of selective moral outrage.

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