When did BBC Question Time last change your mind?

Does the BBC flagship programme Question Time change anyone’s mind? The standard of debate on BBC Question Time is poor and getting worse.

We were told years ago that we needed female politicians who would bring civilised debate to male-dominated politics. I never believed it and I have seen no evidence that it has done so.

Occasionally one has a panellist who can inform the audience about matters they need to know, but increasingly they are interrupted by other panellists in a shouting match and even the subtitles may not help to unravel what was actually said. The women are as guilty as the men in this regard. Calm debate does not seem to have anything to do with gender but more to do with character.

The questions from the floor tend to be the rehashed opinions of political debate and the comments reflect the views of the chattering classes with only an occasional contribution to the debate.

So, what function does BBC Question Time serve? Does it change minds? Where are the answers that convince people? When will the BBC invite panellists who can debate and when will it raise the standard of debate? I know people who have given up watching it. I watch it while writing up my Bible commentary so that my time is usefully spent.

When did the Bible last change your mind? When did you last read it? It will be more helpful and will supply many answers you will never hear on Question Time.

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