What do people mean by a change of culture?

The usual secular mantra for failed enterprises is that “we need a change of culture” at the top.  The failure of Carillion has given this mantra another airing on media chat shows. However, it is wearing thin, and it is time to diagnose it for what it is.

For culture read religion.  False religion motivates too many of those ‘at the top’ – a religion that tells them that they can get off with their corrupt practices, exploitation of their workers and customers, and who don’t know what “an honest day’s work” is.

Who can tell how many lies and corrupt practices take place each day in corporate Britain? This is false religion at work.

For the good of Britain’s economy and general welfare, it is time to call out false religion, to recognise its failure and to abandon it. It is time to return to Christian morality and common sense.

Some have said about the collapse of Carillion that ‘it is a wake up call’.  Indeed it is.  The apostle Paul said: ‘Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from among the spiritually dead, and Christ shall give thee light’ Eph 5:14. Will anyone listen? Many of the public think that Paul and the Bible is addressed ‘to religious people’. The idea that it is actually addressed to them is possibly a new one, a surprise to them. Yes – Britain needs to listen, to waken up its need for the Christian gospel.


25 Jan 2018: with violent crime figures showing a rise in knife and gun crime in England and Wales, Nick Hurd MP, Policing Minister, said we need get to the root of the cultural issue.  It is called ‘the lack of Christian conscience’.

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