Investigating Gaza’s protests

Who will pay for Gaza’s protests at the Israeli border on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s re-birth as a nation?

Theresa May has urged an independent inquiry into the reasons for violence on the border between Israel and Gaza.

On the BBC Daily Politics today, Andrew Neil high-lighted the fact that the Hamas government in Gaza organised the protests and provided knives and guns and Google maps to show where the Jewish communities were on the Israeli side of the fence. He thought that Israel should have learned about crowd control from Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, however, he failed to note that the unruly and threatening crowds were on the Gaza side of the fence.

Prevention is better than cure, so where were the Gaza security forces on the Gaza side of the fence to prevent assaults on the fence?

Will Gaza have a Public Inquiry into how the Gaza security forces performed in maintaining the peace on the Gaza side of the border?

Rather, the Hamas government in Gaza incited the violence and it is time that Palestinian hate-speech is put under the spot-light.

Meanwhile, there are plans to blow up the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.  There is no information available yet whether these would-be bombers will ensure that there is a leaflet drop prior to their bombing to warn people to evacuate the building.


16 May 2018: After the general rush to international judgment we are now told that 50 out of the 62 killed were Hamas operatives.  An international group of military experts, the High Level Military Group, have produced a report on the border conflict, which you can download here.

Rubber bullets and water cannons are only short range.  The technology does not exist for stopping tens of thousands of people rushing a border fence to break through it, which was Hamas’ stated aim.

18 May 2018: In addition to the 50 Hamas operatives killed, Islamic Jihad claimed three more.  Thus far, more than 85 percent of those killed while trying to breach the border have been proven to be members of terrorist organisations whose direct aim is to bring violence and death into Israel.

Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the UN human rights chief, accused Israel instead of Hamas for Gazans being effectively “caged in a toxic slum”, and the UN is under the impression that Israel ‘occupies’ Gaza. It is wonderful to see words change their meaning.

28 Aug 2018: this is how they make fake movies in Gaza.  A short history of the last one hundred years.

21 Mar 2019: While Gaza did not hold a public inquiry, the United Nations produced a report.  The ‘report’ is exposed here for what it is.

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