Selective Scottish history

There are some centuries of Scottish history that are overlooked in favour of other ones.

This morning I was at a meeting of about 30 senior men who were asked to name the main events in Scottish history.

The list of options went all the way from the battle of Bannockburn (1314) to the Highland Clearances in the 19th century.  However, the greatest historical event in 19th century Scotland was the Disruption of the Church of Scotland and two other centuries were completely overlooked.

The greatest event in the 16th century was the Scottish Protestant Reformation and in the 17th century was the covenanting struggle ending in the Glorious Revolution, both of which changed the ethos and prosperity of Scotland.

This is typical of the modern focus of Scottish history.  If not re-writing history, nevertheless it ignores whole tracts of Scotland’s history in keeping with the secular agenda.


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