Parliament against the people

There are many examples of Parliament ignoring the wishes of the people.

Brexit is the latest example, where the current impasse occurs because many MPs want to reverse the EU Referendum result.  However, many Christians are well aware that the same has happened historically with capital punishment and abortion, where there was a popular demand for capital punishment to be restored but MPs consistently vote for its retention.

When Enoch Powell’s Private Members’ Bill against experimentation on human embryos was before the House of Commons, there was popular support for it but MPs conspired to prevent its progress and eventually under Kenneth Clarke as Health Secretary the House of Commons voted in favour of academic opinion and contrary to popular desires.

The ability of those in power to ignore the wishes of the people has led to the current attitude that ignores ‘expert opinion’ especially in light of the false prophets who predicted doom if the UK voted for Brexit.  It has led to the popular revolt not only in the UK but in the USA and now on the Continent of Europe.

The ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ attitude of secular populism goes through the whole of society, from petty criminals who have overwhelmed the ability of the police to cope, all the way through society up to MPs and corporate leaders.

It is time to recall that Christianity teaches the self-policing of Christian conscience, a cheaper and more effective method than ‘putting more police on the streets’. 

You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry.  It is time to teach Christianity in our schools once more.  A generation or two of secularism has failed the nation.


3 Apr 2019: Parliamentary failure.

One thought on “Parliament against the people

  1. Colin Mansfield

    Hi Donald,
    we are beginning to see & read about the poison fruits of secularism & humanism:
    fatherless families (no need for Dads);
    schools running without discipline;
    “do whatever thou wilt” {A.Crowley) seems to sum up today’s culture;
    politeness an inconvenience;
    Christianity just an historic episode;
    “to take and not to heed the cost”;
    hard money being replaced by plastic debtors cards;
    A Christmas without Christ;
    I could go on


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