Browbeating by secularists

From referendums to climate change, secularists will not tolerate differences from their opinion.

The failure to accept election results is a manifestation of the teenage tantrums of modern society – recent well-known examples being the Scottish Independence Referendum on 18/9/2014, the Brexit referendum on 23/6/2016 and Donald Trump’s Presidential election victory on 8/11/2016.

The secularist section of our society cannot abide the public expression of views that it opposes.  However, it goes further than this – they want to silence these views, whether it is debate on global warming or aggressive homosexuals wanting to silence the opposition.  “There should be NO debate any more about climate change” says physicist and broadcaster Jim al-Khalili.  Let us be clear – he wants to close down debate.  He means what he says.

Where things are well known, people tend not to debate them.  People debate because they are not convinced.  Some secularists have still to learn this.

Why single out secularists?  Because most people of religious faith understand the need for debate and to convince by ‘commending ourselves to every man’s conscience’ and not by diktat.  The apostle Paul’s approach was ‘by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God’ 2Cor 4:2, and Christianity has embraced the globe since then.

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