Why we need Christian voices in public life

A “Christian Voice” is a Christian articulating a Christian perspective on issues.

It is not enough to have a Christian perspective, but one needs to articulate it. The Scottish National Party measures everything in terms of Scotland, the feminists in terms of gender, the homosexuals in terms of sexuality, the Greens in terms of the environment, the Labour Party in terms of employment and the employee and the Conservative Party in terms of taxation and the economy. It is time to have Christians in public life and in politics who will measure and speak about things in terms of Christianity.

There are many Christians speaking about issues from a secular perspective. Such Christians in politics and public life avoid the Christian perspective and argue their case on secular principles alone. Possibly they believe that only this carries traction with secular society. This is a mistake and ensures that secularism remains unchallenged by the Christian worldview.

Only Peter Hitchens and Jordan Peterson are prominent in challenging this secular perspective, and neither of them is a politician. They are opinion-makers and have a following, but all Christians need to learn to speak as Christians. Young Christians need role models in public life, not the retreat in the face of secularism that they are so used to witnessing.

‘The law of God is holy, just and good’ Rom 7:12. It is the role of Christians in public life to demonstrate that it is good as well as holy and just.

We do not need religion in politics.  We have it already and it does not work. Most of it is false religion.

We need more Christians in politics.  We have them already but they have not been effective.

We need Christian voices in politics.  We have not had this and this is what the Scottish Christian Party offers.

You can watch and listen here to evidence given to the European Scrutiny Committee that the Brexit negotiations were hindered by “an atmosphere of reluctance to leave … that suffuses the entire approach” of Remainers among Government officials.

Similarly, without politicians speaking with a Christian voice, there is ‘a reluctance to take on issues in a Christian manner’ and this ‘suffuses the entire approach’ of your MP.

This illustrates why we need Christian voices in Parliament to speak in a Christian manner to public issues. 

The Greens want to make climate change the main agenda in order to promote themselves on the political stage. Greens encourage the electorate to elect environmentally-aware politicians; so when will Christians vote for Christian politicians to promote a Christian agenda?

It is time to have Christians in public life and in politics who will measure and speak about things in terms of Christianity.

I look forward to more Christian voices engaging in public debate.

Jesus said: ‘Whosoever, therefore, shall be ashamed of Me and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed when He shall come in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.’

Mark 8:38


6 Feb 2020: the importance of having a representative Voice in public life.

3 Dec 2019: there is a Christian Party.

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