‘Catch me if you can’ politics

It is hard to hit a moving target. This seems to be current policy in Holyrood and the Brexit process.

The SNP Scottish Government

Yesterday the SNP Scottish Government supported a Bill to ban smacking of children and to criminalise parents who smack their children.

Today the SNP Government published a Bill to begin the legal process for a possible second referendum on Scottish Independence in 2020 next year.

This SNP Government was voted into office following a campaign in which Nicola Sturgeon said that gender fluidity would be one of her top priorities in her new administration, although it has run into trouble within her own party. The unintended consequences of so fundamental a matter are likely to take up much time and attention.

This SNP Government has the appearance of keeping the ball rolling with its own agenda to the detriment of its day job in running Scotland. Controversial topic is added to controversial topic, which diverts attention from the usual subjects – the economy, education, the NHS, etc.

Westminster Government

The recent European Parliamentary election was disastrous for Remainers in spite of three years of relentless campaigning to reverse Brexit. So attention has been diverted by a new high-profile case against Boris Johnson, leading contender for the Tory Party leadership and office as the UK Prime Minister. He has been called before the Crown Court to answer a charge of misconduct in public office for reputedly telling lies that the UK gave £350m a week to the EU. Some claim the figure is even higher!

It is good that politicians should be called to account for telling lies, but whether this should be done by court cases has been called in question. In particular, it has been argued that to do so with reference to an election is handing to the state, rather than the public, “the strength of arguments at elections.”

There is merit in this argument.

Mistakes during elections are one thing, but an adage that gained currency after the French Revolution states that “in a democracy the people get the leaders they deserve“. If there is any fault, it is in the gullible public who uncritically believe what they are told. Christianity teaches critical thinking and lies are becoming the norm in public debate in our secular society, whether by reframing debate, by selective quotation by debaters and even by main stream media.

The so-called impartial BBC is quite ready to describe people and attitudes as ‘hard-line’, ‘far right’ – ‘hostile’ to abortion was used tonight on BBC Newsnight – and a host of other tendentious adjectives showing the prejudice of the BBC interviewer. If this is our ‘best’, it is time to call out the lies in public debate. It can be done quite easily without the need for criminal trials. So why has Boris Johnson been singled out? How does one avoid the accusation of political motivation?

This suggests panic on the Remainer camp. Having lost the EU election the attention of the nation must be directed towards something else. The strongest and most likely Brexit contender must be neutered.

The timing is evidently an attempt to interfere with and discredit Johnson’s leadership bid who has clearly stated that the UK must leave the EU by 31/10/2019. This red rag to the Remainer bull requires pulling out all the stops, even if only to distract attention and muddy the water.

The public should learn that there is not only a democratic deficit in the UK, but those who benefit from the status quo are doing everything they can to maintain it. They are not democrats. Some people call them bad losers. It is difficult to deny this. Of more concern, even less can they live at peace with God’s providence but they have spent and are spending their lives complaining about it. Aggressive campaigning against God’s law and His providence are the favour of the month and the ungodly spirit of our age. They are a law unto themselves.

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