When did BBC Question Time last change your mind?

Does the BBC flagship programme Question Time change anyone's mind? The standard of debate on BBC Question Time is poor and getting worse. We were told years ago that we needed female politicians who would bring civilised debate to male-dominated politics. I never believed it and I have seen no evidence that it has done …

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Selective quotations

We have a very clear and recent example of selective quotation by the BBC in its commentary surrounding the use of parliamentary privilege to name Sir Philip Green as the anonymous person who secured a court injunction preventing The Daily Telegraph publishing allegations of sexual and racial harassment. While other commentators quite rightly concentrate on …

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Common sense from the Supreme Court

For the second time in recent years, the Supreme Court has brought common sense to bear upon the ill-thought decisions of British governments and inferior courts. Just as the Supreme Court struck down the SNP Government's Named Person legislation, it has now struck down the commonly held view that homosexual activists should not be offended …

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