Climate changes – get used to it

Why shouldn’t climate change?


Greenland was once green and the home to Viking farmers in the 1100s AD. Since then the climate changed drastically in the 1300s, the Vikings left and their farmlands are now covered in snow and ice. Climate changes more rapidly than evolutionists deceive the public into believing.

The world is slowly learning that things change faster than they think.

  • As for carbon dioxide, the main points are:
  • Carbon dioxide is minimal compared to water vapour as ‘a greenhouse gas’. We cannot get rid of water vapour.
  • Plants need carbon dioxide and use it to grow and the Earth’s vegetation is benefitting and recovering. Higher carbon dioxide levels are increasing agricultural yields as shown by NASA images.

Freeman Dyson, a mathematical physicist of Princeton University, still alive and alert at 96 years old, who worked in the same building with Einstein, is not concerned about carbon dioxide. “These climate models are excellent tools for understanding climate but very bad tools for predicting climate.” There is every reason for not trusting measurements of global temperature as it is so difficult to measure it in the first place. He comments on scientific conformity out of the fear of losing one’s job.

William Happer, Professor of Physics, Princeton University, sees no downside to rising carbon dioxide levels. The carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect has already reached saturation point so more carbon dioxide will not alter its current effect much. Arctic melting is caused by ocean currents rather than atmospheric temperature. He criticises the “group think” of climate models.

Australian Professor Peter Ridd, an expert on the Great Barrier Reef, explains the replication crisis in science. The Great Barrier Reef is not dying.  Bleaching is its natural cycle.

Solar minimum

The peaking global temperature may be followed by a rapid decline as we head towards the approaching 33-year solar minimum activity. Current higher global temperature may protect us from the approaching extremes of this solar minimum.

Emotional arguments

  • The young: Greta Thunberg exhibits youthful rage at adult inaction. She was first moved by the propaganda about the decline in polar bears. Polar bears are not declining.
  • The old: David Attenburgh told us recently that burning down the Amazon rain forests will reduce the oxygen we breathe. How more emotional can you get? Does he seriously mean that we are going to suffocate to death? First CFCs, then methane, then carbon dioxide and now oxygen – what next? Acid rain? Volcanic ash? Besides, human fortifications have been found in the cleared forest showing that the forests did not always cover South America within the human timescale.
  • If a Christian states that God has told us that ‘seedtime and harvest’ will not cease Gen 8:22, who is more believable and who will attract more derision? The biblical assessment of our global prospects is generally treated with derision. It reminds me of the rare example of divine merriment: “He that sits in heaven laughs. The Lord shall scorn them all.” Psalm 2:4.
  • God will have the last laugh.

The global future

On the question how long this little globe with its ecosystem will continue, in the light of climate change and worldly fears, here is some biblical commentary.

Climate changes – get used to it. We need to manage our lives in the light of it, and we need Christ and the Gospel to cope with worldly fear and panic.


1 Feb 2020: what now, Greta?

5 Mar 2020: there are reports of a second mutated strain of coronavirus. Evolutionists need to make up their mind about the speed of mutation. On the one hand they say it took billions of years to produce human beings from bacteria (they now tell us that we are 40% or more bacteria, including the mitrochondria in our cells) but mankind will destroy itself within ten years according to the climate panickers. Bacteria and viruses mutate relatively quickly and there is evidence that the surface geology of the Earth (from which evolutionary theory derives its mistaken hypothesis) has changed significantly within recorded human history. Evolutionists do not read the Bible so they overlook many details in recorded human history from the world’s oldest extant book. However, science will eventually catch up with the real facts but possibly too late for evolutionists to change their mind.

16 Mar 2020: young people are full of fear over climate change; now the climate has changed with coronavirus and it is the turn of the elderly to get into a panic. Evolutionists have still to learn that God can change the climate when He wishes – whether it is the weather or world events.

8 Jan 2022: a God-incidence. I am watching this video how millions of years became a few years and reviewing the date it is 16 Mar 2020, the date of my previous entry! God-incidents are noticed by the godly; others call them co-incidences.

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