Arise, Sir Nigel!

It is time for officialdom to recognise what Nigel Farage has done for the United Kingdom.

Nigel Farage is recognized by the general public as the foremost campaigner over many decades for Britain to leave the European Union, and it is time for officialdom to recognize it also.

Hereby sovereignty has been restored not only to the British Parliament and the voters of the United Kingdom but also to the Monarch herself.

Now that Brexit has been completed, it is appropriate that the person who persuaded the UK to implement this significant change in the UK constitution should be recognised and suitably rewarded.

Now is the time to do so. To bypass it at this moment is not only an insult to Nigel Farage, but also to the majority of the country who voted for Brexit and, above all, it is dishonourable of the Monarch to sleight or overlook such an honour. Boris Johnson should advise Her Majesty that it is to her honour to confer this honour on Nigel Farage at this time.

You can add your voice to my campaign for his being honoured by the Queen, sooner rather than later.


Unthankfulness is not uncommon.

Although John Knox did more for Scotland than any other man in his Millennium, history has not been kind to him. His memory was traduced until his worth was recovered by Thomas M’Crie’s biography in 1811. Thomas Carlyle writing in Heroes and Hero Worship described Knox as “more than a man of genius – a heaven-inspired prophet and heroic leader of men … a brave and remarkable man.” He continued: “This that Knox did for his Nation, I say, we may really call a resurrection as from death. … He is the one Scotchman to whom, of all others, his country and the world owe a debt.” The accolades from those who knew John Knox when alive and who know him from his writings are too many to quote.

Even the BBC [18/11/2009] managed to acknowledge: “Thanks to John Knox, Scotland became one of the most literate nations in the world”. Indeed, John Knox did more for Scottish literacy and education than any man of his age. Yet Knox’s grave is a mere parking lot in Edinburgh.

Let my readers learn what to expect from worldly applause. One day the crowds in Jerusalem were greeting Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and within a week they called for His crucifixion by Pontius Pilate.

John Knox, like his Master Jesus Christ before him, knew the fickle hearts of men and said before he died:

“What I have been to my country, although this unthankful age do not acknowledge, yet the ages to come will be constrained to testify.”

John Knox: Title page of M’Crie’s life of John Knox, National Libary of Scotland edition, 1824.

Nigel Farage could add his Amen to this. “Honour to whom honour is due” Romans 13:7.

Links and updates:

24 Jun 2016: Brexit: Britain’s Independence Day and my call for Farage to be knighted for ‘services to Britain and democracy’.

23 Jan 2018: Nigel’s skill.

10 Sep 2019: the challenge to Royal authority.

24 Dec 2020: the Brexit Deal is done and I repeat my call for a knighthood for Nigel.

26 Dec 2020: before the 2021 New Year Honours List I repeat my call that an honour is “long overdue”, at the very least Sir Nigel Farage.

31 Dec 2020: the Establishment fails yet again. “Jealousy is cruel as the grave” Song of Solomon 8:6.

2 Jan 2021: Brexit has restored sovereignty to the UK monarch but Nigel Farage has not been honoured by the monarch for services to the UK and to democracy. The remaining question is if the Supreme Court is going to usurp the sovereignty of both monarch and the Parliament. You can sign my campaign Petition.

6 Mar 2021: Nigel Farage has stood down as leader of Reform UK and handed over to Richard Tice. He is not retiring, but stepping back from active party politics to continue to campaign 1. against Chinese influence in the UK, 2. the indoctrination of children in our educational system instead of critical thinking; 3. environmental concern for the health of our oceans and planting trees through his media and social media platforms.

9 Mar 2021: Nigel’s defence of the Royal Family against racism following the ‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry’ interview. The one man who has campaigned to restore sovereignty to the UK and to British Monarchy itself, whose Brexit Party saved the existential threat to the Conservative Party, has been ignored by the Establishment and now the role of monarchy itself is under attack. When will the Establishment ever learn?

One thought on “Arise, Sir Nigel!

  1. Mr Colin Mansfield

    Hi Donald,
    It was easier for Boris Johnson’s younger brother Jo to be maneuvered around the “eye of the needle” to enter the House of Lords, than it will be for Nigel Farage to be squeezed through that “eye of the needle” to enter in. Jo was set against leaving the EU, as was his Dad Stanley.
    John Knox needs our gratitude, whilst on another note concerning the pasting over and the smudging of historical facts, the “historical” Jesus was never a Palestinian, as Pontius Pilate’s sign above the cross read “King of the Jews.”
    Kind regards


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