Time to replace the SNP Scottish Administration

The Scottish Christian Party is supporting the aims of All For Unity in the Holyrood Election on 6 May 2021.

The SNP is trying to use this Scottish Parliament election to justify a second Referendum for Scotland to leave the UK.

This threatens the Christian constitution of Scotland because any new constitution of a separate Scotland is unlikely to continue the current Christian constitution.  To those who think that this is too drastic a conclusion, consider that even the monarchy and the Commonwealth are under threat of the secular tsunami that is changing culture in many democratic countries of the world.

This is one of many reasons why the Scottish Christian Party views it as a Christian duty not to divide the Unionist vote on this occasion.  Since November 2020 the SCP has supported the Alliance for Unity, an alliance of individuals and political parties to unify the opposition against the SNP’s attempts to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom.

This alliance was registered with The Electoral Commission as All For Unity on 4 Feb 2021.  The name on the ballot paper will be All For Unity. The Scottish Christian Party will not be standing candidates on the Regional Lists in Scotland although the Welsh Christian Party will stand in Mid and West Wales region.

The SCP invites its supporters to consider supporting All For Unity where possible, to defeat the SNP at the May 2021 election.  The idea is to support the best-placed candidate of any political party to defeat the SNP in the constituency seats and to support the All For Unity party on the Regional Lists.

What can you do?

We need the Scottish Tories and Scottish Labour to buy into this solution to the existential threat to the United Kingdom. The Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross MP has indicated some interest in a pact with Scottish Labour. Supporters of this blog should encourage whosoever they can in the major parties to support the concept of All For Unity even if these Parties are unwilling to be seen to actually support or campaign for it.

The choices can be seen here.

There are many reasons why this disastrous SNP Scottish maladministration needs to be replaced, which I hope to detail in future blogs.  Meanwhile, here are some links as starters:

The SNP is really the Scottish European Union Party – SEUP (aka SNP).

Scotland is already “an independent nation”, contrary to the mantra of the SNP, as are England and Wales. You can retweet it here. Let the SNP tell our football and rugby teams that they do not represent an independent nation and see what they say.

All For Unity website: www.alliance4unity.uk
Twitter handles to follow: @Alliance4Unity and @DonaldBoyd7

There is a Scottish Green Alliance @Greens4Unity which supports real Green issues and is opposed to the Scottish Green Party in the Scottish Parliament. It supports All For Unity.

Feel free to publicize this to those whom you think will be interested.

It is time to remove and replace this SNP Scottish maladministration with an administration that will attend to the needs of Scotland instead of separation.

Dr Donald Boyd

Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”

Links and Updates:

11 Feb 2021: my supporting All For Unity on Revelation TV.

13 Feb 2021: the history and rationale for All For Unity.

2 Apr 2021: the 56 candidates on the 8 Regional Lists who are standing for All For Unity have been published. Dr Donald Boyd is a candidate on the Highlands and Islands Regional List of the All For Unity Party for the May 2021 Election to the Scottish Parliament.

2 Apr 2021: a short list of SNP misdemeanours in recent times from the All For Unity website.

12 May 2021: Wings Over Scotland blogger is stopping the blog. “We told you in May 2016 that the election result took an indyref off the table for five years and we were proved right. We’re telling you again.” “Boris Johnson – or any other Tory leader – has absolutely no reason to allow one [another Independence Referendum] and nothing to fear from refusing.”

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