All For Unity

All For Unity is a registered political party comprised of individuals and political parties committed to maintaining the integrity of the United Kingdom against the attempt to separate Scotland from the United Kingdom.

It is the brainchild of George Galloway, a former Labour MP who has garnered support across the political spectrum in Scotland. The Scottish Christian Party has supported this initiative since last year when it was known as the Alliance for Unity.

The SNP has no specific Scottish vision. The SNP wants an independent, nuclear-free, socialist Scotland. There is nothing uniquely Scottish about this; other countries have the same aim.

The SNP has been able to capitalise on the unionist vote being divided among several political parties. It is time for the unionist vote to combine, especially when the SNP hope to claim that a Holyrood victory is a vote for another separatist referendum.


The main policy of All For Unity is to oppose and defeat SNP candidates in Scottish elections. To this end, All For Unity has candidates in each electoral Region of Scotland. The other political parties supporting the Union are invited to support this Alliance.

In constituencies, the All For Unity supports the Party candidate best placed to defeat the SNP candidate, and invites other Parties to do the same. The Scottish Christian Party supports this policy for this important Holyrood election.

If elected, All For Unity MSPs will sit in the Holyrood Parliament as Independents, although each may represent different parts of the political spectrum, with the single aim of opposing and removing SNP grievance politics from Scottish debate in order to improve politics in Scotland as supporters of the United Kingdom.

All For Unity has come together “for the good of Scotland for one aim, and one aim only – to stop Scottish separatism and stand up for the Union”. If elected, its politicians will:

  • Stand up to the SNP against Scottish separatism
  • Seek to form a government of ‘national unity’ in favour of the Union
  • Work with any and all pro-Union parties to stop nationalists from holding a second Independence referendum.


George Galloway is the leading candidate in the South of Scotland region, supported by Jamie Blackett, the leader of the new Party, each representing the political left and right in Scotland.

The leading candidate on the Highlands and Islands Regional List is Professor Alan Sked, Emeritus Professor of International History at London School of Economics. He has produced videos and a number of articles exposing the short-comings of the SNP record of misgovernment in Scotland.  His views are explained in this video.

The other candidates are here.

There is a growing number of bloggers and political parties supporting the vision. The basic idea is that the Unionist vote being divided between the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties in the Scottish parliament has enabled the SNP administration to run and mismanage Scottish affairs. Scotland needs an alliance of parties to oppose the SNP candidates. This involves supporting the candidate most likely to defeat the SNP candidate and the numbers and the rationale are explained here.

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