Bribing the electorate

This Holyrood election is an existential threat to Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom. Unionists must act in concert against the separatists.

Electioneering has swung into action. The BBC said that with no crowds at campaign rallies “the focus is on content”. Should it not always be about content?

Nicola Sturgeon has said that “it is time to end child poverty“. What she means is that it is “election time” – a time to find popular policies that will appeal to as many voters as possible.

It has been common to blame the Tories for bribing the workforce with tax cuts. The SNP would rather spend other people’s taxes on doubling the Scottish Child Payment from £10 to £20, with promises to increase the number of households by raising the qualifying age from under 6 to under-16s, but it uses the same financial tool to appeal to voters.

The policy was hardly announced when the Scottish Labour leader said that the SNP was copying a policy he announced in February. Then Patrick Harvey of the Greens claimed ownership of the policy. Not to be outdone the Lib Dem leader cried: Me Too.

Electoral deficit

Nicola Sturgeon has also announced that there are “significant questions” over Alex Salmond’s bid to return to public office. When MSPs said that there were significant questions about Nicola Sturgeon when she was First Minister, her response was to say that it would be put to the Scottish people to decide at the Holyrood election. She has acknowledged that Alex Salmond has the right to put his bid before the Scottish electorate, but the headline news was not this but the ‘significant questions.’

There are significant questions about the SNP attitudes as a whole. The topic reminds me of the SNP attitude revealed on BBC Question Time about the right to appeal to the electorate and even to have a platform. The link shows that former SNP MP Angus Robertson and SNP propagandist Leslie Riddoch think that minorities do not have the same rights as majorities. This episode of BBC Question Time convinced me in 2013 that George Galloway was one of the few who could take on the SNP.

Time to change

It is certainly time to change the Administration in Holyrood. Last time round, Nicola Sturgeon said that she would put gender issues at the top of the agenda, and she has managed to split her party over this policy. She has also confused young school children about their sexuality through the SNP education curriculum, many of whom come from the disadvantaged home whose parents are to be enticed with extra cash in hand. Further, the older children from these disadvantaged households have been failed by the SNP education curriculum as demonstrated by the Audit Scotland Report that shows that the “attainment gap” is as wide as ever between school pupils in the most deprived areas and the least deprived areas in Scotland.

It is time to vote out the SNP. The SCP supports the aims of the All For Unity Party in this Holyrood election. This means tactical voting for the constituencies and voting for All For Unity on the Regional Lists.


13 Mar 2021: the SCP is supporting the aims of the All For Unity Party in the Holyrood 2021 Parliamentary election.

16 Apr 2021: more SNP bribes.

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