Poor losers

One advantage of teaching sports to young people is so that they may learn that there are winners and losers.

Young people need to out-live being “poor losers” and sport is a good playingfield to teach and learn this.

It seems that many politicians have still to learn this. Too many behave like spoilt children who stamp their feet if they do not have their way, or to spoilt teenagers who develop grievances, so that grievance politics is becoming mainline.

The SNP have for long used grievance against Westminster as the reason for its failures in administrating Scottish affairs.

However, this grievance politics is international. Some recent well-known examples are 1. the inability of the Remoaners to accept the UK Brexit result in 2016, following which 2. the SNP began to challenge the result of the ‘once-in-a-generation’ 2014 Referendum for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom and 3. the US Democratic Party could not accept Donald Trump’s winning the US Presidential election in Nov 2016, and from the first day of the result they campaigned throughout his presidency against its legitimacy. There are many other examples.

The most recent example in British politics is the inability of the Conservative Party to accept the outcome of its own rules for choosing its leader. The campaign continues to oust Liz Truss as leader and Prime Minister.

Various forms

There are various forms of this grievance politics. One of the commonest is the complaint that things cannot improve for lack of money, as if more money will solve most problems. Again, the SNP use this regularly but it is not confined to them. It is a feature of those who think other people’s money is for them to spend, normally associated with socialism.


14 Oct 2022: how the UK elects its politicians, which some people cannot live with.

19 Oct 2022: I am not alone in suggesting this.

One thought on “Poor losers

  1. Colin Mansfield

    Hi Donald,
    I came across this absurdity when I discovered in the 1990s that School Chess Clubs were disbanded in the Highlands as it led to winner-loser “bad loser syndrome” amongst pupils. Chess teaches concentration skills, mental agility, exercises imagination, brain power, etc. We now have Xbox-360 mentality instead…
    The same could be said about Primary School football matches which had to be “smoothed down” to everyone’s a winner we all should get a prize.


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