Controlling the population

There are many subtle ways of controlling people. One of the most powerful is through money. This is seen in various ways. Employment The most obvious way is one's employment. People are being controlled through fear of losing their job. Diversity training is used to produce a secular conformity among the working population. Finance Another …

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The poverty of modern debate

The poor level of modern debate is not only a reflection upon our poor educational system, but it shows the spirit of the debaters and the standards in public life. Our poor educational system The inability of public speakers to define their terms, to interact meaningfully with opponents without misrepresenting their views, and their inability …

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We all speak many languages

Many people think that they speak one language, but this is not so. There are more languages than ethnic languages – there are professional languages, the language of hobbies, sport, etc. The average person would not understand a medical conversation, nor a discussion between lawyers, but the same would be true of a football coaching …

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