Dealing with the energy crisis

Now that energy costs are leading to hyper-inflation, it is time to contribute to the solution to the energy crisis. First, there is the immediate problem and then there are long-term issues. What is the immediate problem? The important matter is that everyone is able to heat their homes and feed their family, especially through …

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Some significant SNP misjudgments

The Court of Session has judged that the SNP Scottish administration did not have the authority to close churches for public worship in Scotland during the coronavirus pandemic. The judgment has been published on the last day of the current Scottish Parliamentary session but it is as significant as any of the other judgments in …

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Controlling the population

There are many subtle ways of controlling people. One of the most powerful is through money. This is seen in various ways. Employment The most obvious way is one's employment. People are being controlled through fear of losing their job. Diversity training is used to produce a secular conformity among the working population. Finance Another …

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Repurposed medicines

Repurposed medicines are well-known medicines being used for a new purpose. Sometimes a new medication's side effects prove more useful than its original purpose. Amiodarone was originally developed to treat thyroid disease, but its 'side effect' on the heart proved so useful that it is now a heart medicine with side effects on the thyroid! …

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Losers but why?

Many people are reporting the loss of multiple followers on Twitter. Following the permanent suspension of US President Trump's twitter account, it now appears that Twitter is suspending or removing many other Twitter accounts. This manifests itself in people losing followers. Twitter had earlier permanently suspended Steve Bannon for inciting violence, but people report having …

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Google is catching up with Facebook

Facebook’s reputation has been tarnished with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and now Google has been caught out by still tracking devices even when location history is turned off. Google is catching up with Facebook in this unwelcome competition. However, not many people know that they are still logged in to Facebook on all devices on …

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Invoices, emails and warranties

I have a three-year warranty for my laptop computer with Hewlett-Packard. The start date of the warranty is wrong. When I emailed HP customer care to correct it, forwarding the original email response confirming my purchase, they wanted ‘a scan of the hardware invoice’, which I sent. This begs two questions: 1. what use is …

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