Controlling the population

There are many subtle ways of controlling people. One of the most powerful is through money.

This is seen in various ways.


The most obvious way is one’s employment. People are being controlled through fear of losing their job. Diversity training is used to produce a secular conformity among the working population.


Another way to control people is through the financial system.

Slowly the population is being moved on to digital means of transactions. Already the supermarkets and online traders can profile their customers through the items they buy.

It is part of the Davos agenda of The Fourth Industrial Revolution to be able to identify and locate every individual through their mobile phone, so that it is a matter of concern when companies force people into using their mobile phone Apps.

Pushing the mobile App

The Royal Bank of Scotland is pushing its customers towards using its mobile phone RBS App to verify inter-bank financial transactions. This should not be necessary and it is simply control-freakery. Why not use the established PIN system through SMS?

I do not intend doing financial transactions on my mobile phone. It is too risky. 1. the phone can be lost; 2. mobile phones are notorious for flashing up adverts and one can easily press the wrong button inadvertently when removing these. Imagine you are in the middle of a financial transaction when this happens. Possibly you don’t need to imagine it because you have already experienced pressing the wrong button inadvertently. I looked at the RBS App some time ago and I chose not to have it on my phone.

Transferring a small sum of money does not need the RBS App verification but as the sum rises, it seems that RBS wants more ‘verification’ using the App. It is made very easy to do so. This is ‘nudging’ customers towards using the App. So the larger the amount to transfer, the more one has to use a mobile phone App. In truth, it will probably push away the younger generation – to Bitcoin to get away from this control-freakery and to preserve their capital from inflation caused by quantitative easing (devaluation disguised under various economics terms).


There are other ways to control populations. Whenever a coup is in progress, capturing the broadcasting centre is a primary aim, and media propaganda is important in any warfare.

I have often pointed out that our national churches have failed the Scottish and English nations but now the mainstream media has fallen under the same judgment. The public is being controlled through the censorship of the information it receives.

This is known by informed observers but it can be illustrated to those who need convincing by consulting my blogpost on the case of Julian Assange, a journalist whose detention involves the freedom of the press, but who has been ignored by mainstream media.

In America, US President Donald Trump accused the media of fake news, and he was eventually removed from Twitter, showing us that none of us is beyond the controlling ‘cancel culture’ of social media platforms. On the other hand, Biden is being treated with kid gloves by the US media.

In Britain there are many complaints about BBC bias. When renowned BBC presenter John Humphrys retired, he accused the BBC of liberal and anti-Brexit bias. How many in Britain know that US President Joe Biden resumed the US attacks on Syria within a month of his presidency? The BBC website reported it but the average person knows little about it. If it had been Trump’s action, the western media would be discussing it and probably condemning him for it.


A whole of generation of Scottish schoolchildren has been taught sexual issues and a historical narrative that suits the separatist agenda of the SNP Scottish administration. According to the Scottish historian Professor Tom Devine, the history curriculum in Scottish schools “reads like a simplistic piece of arrant propaganda”, and “self-evidently arrant and dangerous nonsense”. The population can be controlled through its education establishments, and no platforming on university campuses has become standard.


It is a basic principle of Christianity to teach critical thinking by promoting the truth and belief of the truth. Christians learn to distinguish truth from error, and thankfully Christianity will always be here to teach a compliant population how to recover freedom when it finds it needs it.


20 Mar 2020: CNN ratings have fallen since anti-Trump news has declined. Viewers who wanted to learn the latest anti-Trump news seem to have declined now that Trump is off the public agenda. Trump was the news, for or against. “Sleepy Joe” is not creating such a stir. The vacuum needs to be filled and Vice President Kamala Harris is taking over to publicise various Biden ‘initiatives’.

7 Dec 2021: Royal Bank of Scotland is encouraging its Premier 24 service by a £10/month ‘reward’ if one uses its App. This is not for me.

5 Jan 2022: the Royal Bank of Scotland is now inviting us to pay in our cheques by its App. I do not intend doing so. It is another ‘bait and switch’ scheme – draw in with a bait and then switch the terms once people are acclimatised to the new set-up.

2 thoughts on “Controlling the population

  1. Colin Mansfield

    Hi Donald,
    During the Corona virus break out from February 2020, the amount of loose cash in hand disappeared.
    Banks pushed society to rely on plastic card transactions and hailed that the “cashless society” had already arrived ahead of all their expectations. For the well off, it meant storing hard cash in home safes or under the floor boards, or even worse buying gold coins, etc. For the poor it meant a total reliance on plastic cards and the diminishing numbers of ATMs, spare tangible cash vanished. Charities reliant on hard cash found that their boxes were empty. Even parking a car in a pay as you stay carpark has become a problem as £1 coins & loose change dried up.

    Banks were overjoyed in 2021 that £2.5bn of digital money was lying in their deposits at virtually zero interest ~ but money is CURRENCY, it allows a flow of trade (a close analogy is electricity), a generating of transactions that spreads wealth around society. Currency supplants bartering of service & goods. Money trapped in a bank is rather like electricity stored in an unused battery, it deteriorates in time, the battery goes flat and becomes powerless.

    The purpose of Business is to generate wealth to spread around the workforce, the lion’s share goes to those who take the risks of ownership, this is the system we have adopted in capitalist democracies. Calvinism & Capitalism have often been called a marriage of convenience. The other method Communism, pretends that the fruits of all work are to be shared out to all concerned, regardless of the efforts of those who work the hardest. Neither system is fairly governed, none take notice of Humanity’s underlying concupiscence.

    The plastic card payment system has now been further reduced to a mobile phone call system. Any mistakes or thefts in transmission are now not the Banks problem, the user takes the all risks instead.

    Vulnerabilities are dismissed: telecommunications downtime, foreign hackers into monetary systems, electricity long power cuts, criminals at work, etc. We are walking a tightrope with the little personal capital we {think we} have.

    Remember the warnings of the past & now for the present:
    the increasing velocity of cash transactions (Thatcher);
    Runaway Inflation (Major);
    Unlimited Plastic Debt available (Blair);
    Zombie industries & businesses (Darling);
    Quantitive Easing (i.e. Central Bank can create new money electronically. That’s why QE is sometimes described as “printing money”, but in fact no new physical bank notes are created.) The Central Bank spends most of this money buying government bonds;

    Are we all lost now, so please keep hold of your chequebooks, that may be the only way to make your own hard cash now,
    kind regards


    1. Donald


      Fiat money and Quantitive Easing are diminishing one’s capital. People think the value of their home is rising; rather, the £ is devaluing. Inflation is a tax on capital. There are few links here

      The debt economy is about to implode. Christians should not buy into a debt economy.

      You have given a useful summary-list at the end of your comment.

      Thanks, Donald


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