Law is necessary but it needs reform

The 16th-century European Reformation of religion points to the need for a 21st-century global Reformation of the law and legal processes. Law is necessary but it needs reform. Secularism has allowed law to run out of control and Reformation is long overdue. Secularism is 500 years out of date, far behind the curve of Christian …

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Hate crime is selective secular morality

Hate is not a crime – it is a sin – a sin of thought, which may manifest itself in speech and behaviour. Christian societies do not criminalise hate but teach and encourage self-policing by naming and shaming sin. Secularism has no such ability so it calls in the help of criminal sanctions to force …

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The biblical view about denominations

"I am the Vine.  You are the branches," said the Lord Jesus Christ.  John 15:5.So why are people trying to join different branches of Christ's church into one branch?  Whoever thought that a vine or a tree should have only one branch? Yet this has been the unwieldy vision of the ecumenical movement, which floundered …

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