The way of transgressors is hard

People learn the hard way. Some learn the error of their ways only after experimentation.

The reason for God’s law is to teach us the better way.

There is an easier way through life than experimenting with the hard way.

Drug addicts discover the hard way that drugs will control them and make them slaves.

Sin is as addiction, promising pleasure but bringing us into bondage.

When people fall foul of man-made laws they discover the full force of man’s displeasure.

A good portion of God’s law is to teach us how to avoid man’s displeasure as surely as His own displeasure.

However, people think that they can avoid God’s law and run from it, only to be caught and ensnared by man’s law.

They find out by experience that “the way of transgressors is hard” Pro 13:15. God warned them, but they would not take warning.

The good news is here.

The Free Offer of the Gospel.

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