The People’s Bible

The People’s Bible was an initiative to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the publishing of the King James Version of the Bible by re-writing it nationally using the technology of digital pens and ipads.
The project journeyed through most of Britain to give the public the opportunity to write two verses of the Bible each, which are now available for anyone to read on the internet.
It was in Inverness on 5/8/2011. Sequential verses were allocated to people as they arrived, in order to cover the whole Bible. Elizabeth’s verses were 1Sam 25:2829 – Abigail’s words to David about his fighting the battles of the Lord – and my verses were 2Sam 8:23, about David’s victories over the enemies of Israel.  An electronic pen was used so that the hand-writing is not completely natural.
The Scottish Bible Society returned to Inverness today to present the results to those who took part in it. 54% of the all the verses of the King James Version were written in Scotland. Inverness wrote 386 verses.

2 thoughts on “The People’s Bible

    1. Donald

      Well done, Debbie
      It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be associated with writing the Word of God and recording it online for posterity.
      I’m glad you took up the opportunity.


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